Cinematic FPV Drone Spain

Publicado el martes, 27 de octubre de 2020

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Cinematic FPV Drone Spain is a relatively new style of drone created because filmmakers and the audiovisual industry needed a smaller and safer option for shooting in tight spaces or with special features (Warehouse, industrial buildings, forests, rivers, cliffs, etc.)

Cinematic Drones are the perfect tool for filming smooth, dynamic and cinematographic images, between obstacles, in a safe way; capturing the essence of the space and subjects involved, or flying smooth and fast through an immense valley.

The first FPV drone (first person view) videos were really about flying skills, either drone racing or freestyle flight, in which the captured video was incidental to the flight itself.  As FPV equipment has evolved and piloting skills have improved, it’s opened up endless possibilities for much more cinematic content, in which the objective is to create highly entertaining visual content via camera-equipped FPV quads.

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