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Cabycal delivers an automated passivation line of aluminum parts to Gestamp

The line, which was launched at the end of 2017, will become operational in the coming weeks



Publicado el lunes, 05 de febrero de 2018 a las 09:54

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NP Gestamp Pasivado aluminio

NP Gestamp Pasivado aluminio

Cabycal has designed, manufactured and installed a passivation line for aluminum parts for the Gestamp plant in Newton Aycliffe (England).
The pretreatment process of the pieces is carried out in a total of nine tanks, in which the following process is carried out: degreasing, washing with industrial water, acid for the passivation process and washing with demineralized water.
After the immersion process in the tanks, automatic drying takes place inside a convection oven with recirculation and heating with a burner with natural gas.
The pieces are transported throughout the process by three automatic overhead travelling cranes, a power & free conveyor and two transfer systems to transfer the parts of the conveyor to the bridge cranes and vice versa.
Cabycal has previously supplied three e-coat lines to Gestamp for its factories in Zaragoza (Spain), Wroclaw (Poland) and Chattanooga (USA).

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